Charges & Costs

Essential Education Contributions

Essential Education contributions for 2020 will be:
Year 7 –   $320.00
Year 8 –   $320.00
Year 9 –   $310.00
Year 10 – $310.00
Year 11 – $310.00
Year 12 – $310.00

Although most camps are not compulsory we encourage all students to make every attempt to participate in these valuable activities.

Students undertaking VET subjects will be required to pay an additional $750 per year to assist with the transportation costs to attend the course, for example.

Conveyance Allowance
This is available and paid to parents where a student attends the nearest secondary school served by the bus route nearest to the place of residence and where the student is conveyed or rides a bicycle more than 4.8 kilometres from the residence to the nearest bus stop. The Conveyance Allowance can also be claimed where a bus service does not operate and the parent conveys the student 4.8 kilometres or more from home to the nearest school.

Textbooks and Stationery
These are available on the booklist through J I Office products or can be purchased from alternate outlets. Most students will have many of the items on the stationery list and some textbooks are available for purchase second-hand as the College Parents’ Club conducts a second-hand book sale on Orientation Day in December.