PRINCIPAL Mrs Melissa Gould
ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL (Acting Term 3) Mr Christopher Sanders
Senior School & Year 12 Manager Annette Bolitho (Leading teacher)
Year 11 Manager Matthew Callaway
Year 10 Manager Luis Alvarez-Harris
Middle School Manager & Year 9 Wendy McLeod (Leading teacher)
Year 8 Manager Leigh Millard
Junior School Manager & Year 7 Michelle Pudney (Leading teacher)
Teaching and Learning Coordinator George Dimovski
Wellbeing Coordinator Kate Taylor
Timetable Sanjay Gosai
Daily Organisation Neville Borger
Bus Coordinator Pauline Frawley
Pathways and Careers Manager Colin Huddy (Leading teacher)
Sports Coordination Luis Alvarez-Harris
Learning and IT Manager Matthew Callaway
Library Lorraine Quinlan, Christine Hooppell
Duke of Edinburgh Award Leigh Millard
Computer Technician Robert Brown
Maintenance / Grounds Frank Frawley
Occupational Health & Safety Katrina Trewin
English George Dimovski
Mathematics Sanjay Gosai
SOSE & ICT Peter MacIver
Science Alice Conway
LOTE Lean Foo
Arts Shelley Nichol
Technology Paul Cresswell
PE / Health Ros Thomas