GTAC Incursion

On Monday February 17, educators from the Gene Technology Access Centre (GTAC), a specialist education centre based in Melbourne, facilitated education programs with Year 10 students studying Genetics and Evolution and Year 12 students studying Biology. The Year 10 students investigated the genetics of sickle cell disease, while the Year 12 students investigated mitochondrial disease. Both groups were able to participate in a restriction enzyme digest of DNA to produce strands of different lengths which were then separated by gel electrophoresis.

Primary school students from Rochester, Elmore, Lockington and Nanneella also participated in a session about applying biomimicry to design thinking. This included looking at pollen grains of different types of flowers under powerful stereo microscopes.

All sessions were at no cost and enabled students to be tutored by specialist educators and use equipment they would not normally have access to.

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