Year 11 Work Experience 

The Year 11’s have successfully completed their Melbourne Work Experience from 21st to 26th July, whilst staying South Yarra.   The students arrived eagerly on Sunday for the trip down to practise using Melbourne public transport before getting to work on Monday.  Monday saw 38 students head off to work with many needing to get up early with 9 out of the door by 7 am, the earliest few by 5am.  Students completed work experience across a range of areas including fitness, primary education, social welfare, building, real estate, hospitality, airplane maintenance, mechanics, golf courses, a specialist school, graphic design and others.

Feedback from our employers was very positive and allows the school to continue offering this program to future year 11’s.  Many of our work placements were cold calls by students in the past and such positive student experiences have turned these into regular arrangements and this year students continue with this tradition of impressing employers.  This year is no different. The camp offers more than just work experience, with students needing to budget and manage money for meals, deal with transport timetables, routes and delays.  Activities after work included going to the Queen Victoria Night Market, to the movies and shopping.

Thanks to all those staff and others involved in supporting this major undertaking especially Hayley Gray, Mr Gosai and Mrs Pelligrino who attended during the week.  Special thanks to Christine Hooppell and Mr Huddy who helped organise the placements and paperwork.

Matthew Callaway – Year 11 Coordinator

“I along with two other students completed our Work Experience at the Metropolitan Golf Club. We were lucky enough to experience a number of different tasks working alongside with the trained employees ranging from mowing and cleaning greens, cleaning bunkers, plantation and cutting new holes in greens.” Alex, Nash and Mitchell.

“I did my work placement at Global International Travel, a luxury travel agency in South Yarra. My time around the office was mostly spent filing and organising business cards, or holidays. I also observed the creation of clients’ itineraries and occasionally either making phone-calls or researching hotels in destinations such as Mykonos  –  Greece, Israel or Singapore. Everyone in the office was very friendly and welcoming which was great to ease the nerves on the first day. I enjoyed my time in Melbourne and at Global International Travel.” Emma

“During the week I completed work experience with Ubris. I enjoyed the experience and found it fun trying to find my way through Melbourne.” Rhys H

“We travelled to Melbourne to complete our Year 11 Work Experience in July. I was completing this at Cricket Victoria. I really enjoyed the week and it was a great experience. I enjoyed the freedom as we had a few hours every day to explore Melbourne and go out for dinner. Overall I thought it was one of the better camps I have been on and it was a great week.”  Charles R

“It was a good experience to live as a Melbourne person and work in an area where we are not familiar. Lots of people were nervous about finding their way and working with a team they have never worked with before. Overall the experience was amazing and it was good to get a taste of the city life for a week. If I had the chance I would do it again. I would encourage the Year 11s of 2020 and those students in the following years to take this opportunity and use it to their advantage. You will learn so much when you are participating in this camp. There are very few schools that give their students an opportunity like this one, we are fortunate to have the chance to attend the Work Experience Camp.” Rose McK


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