COURAGE TO CARE: “Don’t be a Bystander – Be an Up-stander

The Year 8 students attended a workshop in Shepparton run by the volunteers of “Courage to Care.”

The program revolves around the holocaust, an event our Year 8s became aware of in their English studies this term, and the resounding theme which was delivered was, “Don’t be a Bystander – be an Up-stander.”

Our students heard from the son of a holocaust survivor, who had many tales to tell of his father’s experience during the 2nd World War, and the stories of courage of those groups and individuals who rescued many people from the atrocities.

Other presenters gave the students examples of families who took others in, saving their lives. We also heard of young people today who, in the same vein, speak out against prejudice and discrimination.

Our students were mesmerised by the stories and many really felt the impact of stories of great courage.

The presenters were extremely impressed by the students’ interest, their excellent behaviour and the level of respect shown. It was a wonderful excursion and we couldn’t be more proud of our Year 8s.


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