Amplifying Student Voice

On Monday the 17th of June, Emily Giffin and I attended a workshop called ‘Amplifying Student Voice’ which was held at the All Seasons in Bendigo. It was great to hear from other schools and meet new people with some wonderful ideas. There were both Primary and Secondary schools present and everyone spoke with confidence. Learning new things was exactly what we did!!

We learnt the importance of the students’ voices and the convenient and not-so-convenient ways that students speak up. ‘Convenient’ covered data from surveys, speaking up or anonymous messages in school mailboxes; ‘inconvenient’ could be graffiti, going on strike or behaving badly. Although the inconvenient way is not always the right way to go about sharing your voice, it should still be listened to as it is still the expression of student voice.

We also talked about collecting data, on any idea or suggestion we would like to try, using a model called ALTER (Ask, Listen, Think, Enact, Reflect). This is a useful tool that will be extremely helpful for our school, along with all of the other great tips and ideas we brought back with us.

Our school will use this advice to keep ideas coming out stronger and turning up the volume on student voices. Overall it was a great day!

Jasmin Malham, SRC Executive 2019



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