GTAC incursion

Specialist educators from the Gene Technology Access Centre presented three interesting and engaging activities for students on Wednesday, May 1st. Government funding enabled these sessions to be provided at no cost to students.

Grade 5 and 6 students from Rochester Primary School engaged with a real world problem and applied problem solving thinking strategies to create a digital solution. Students collaborated with peers and scientist mentors to explore the application of robotics in the expanding field of medical technologies.

Year 10 students investigated the cellular mechanism and inheritance of a genetically inherited disease, achondroplasia, through a case study of a family. They set up a restriction digest and used E-gels to perform a gel electrophoresis. They analysed the results to determine the genetic status of each family member.

Year 12 Biology students were immersed in an investigation of respiration as they explored a mitochondrial disease. They used a model they constructed to develop a theory as to how a faulty gene might disrupt respiration. They performed an experiment to test their hypothesis.

Feedback left by students rated the sessions very highly.

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