History Master Class

7A were fortunate to attend a History Master Class, where the students could ask questions to a real historian, our very own Mr Peter MacIver. Recently, the Year 7s have been investigating the differences between primary and secondary sources and learning how sources are used by historians.

Mr MacIver shared his story about how he worked as a historian, examining sources from Trove, national archives and family trees to help write a book about a famous Australian cricketer, Billy Murdoch. Mr MacIver shared some funny stories about Billy Murdoch and how he had uncovered them by asking the right questions. After the Master Class the Year 7s were keen to explore Trove, reading articles written around the time the first Australian Cricket team played. They uncovered facts about one of Billy’s team mates Harry Boyle, who is buried at the White Hills Cemetery. We would like to thank, Mr MacIver for talking to 7A and sharing his skills and passion with us. It was certainly a lesson we won’t forget.


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