ARTS Domain 2019

Rochester Secondary College Arts Domain started 2019 with a beautiful new Arts wing, that is spacious, filled with lots of natural light and inviting for students to use their imagination and to create art. With a Photography darkroom, ceramics/3D area and the most compact Art storeroom packed to capacity students have no excuse not to excel in their Art and Design studies.

Pictured¬†are Year 11 students Emma Palmer, Casey Ryan and Year 10 student Bianca Gent. Continuing to display student work at Kits Kafe, Rochester on a monthly basis the display showcases the work that students create at Rochester Secondary College. This month is no exception. Emma exhibits a divine tonal portrait worked with greyed pencils, Casey’s dry point etching incorporates the beauty and intricacy of the human eye and Bianca’s digital photographs which incorporates the use of macro photography are innovative in subject matter and colour.

Next time when you are in town why don’t you pop into Kits Kafe, have a coffee and see the talent of Rochester Secondary College Art/Design students. Congratulations and well done Emma, Casey and Bianca. Whose work will feature next month?

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