Year 7s reflect on Camp Weekaway

On the 11th to 13th February, we were fortunate to attend Camp Weekaway. Over the three days we participated in a number of activities. The Flying Fox was a favourite, as we soared through the air across a dam. Other activities included; raft building, archery, laser tag, the maze, canoeing, damper making and orienteering. Raft building was extremely difficult as we had to work as a team to build a raft out of materials, strong enough to carry 7 people to a small island and back again. Only one team was successful, but we all managed to have a good time despite sinking into the cold water.

Tuesday, was a little cold and the rain didn’t damper our spirits. Instead we played a few inside games until the rain cleared and then we were straight back into our outdoor activities. Matt Harrington celebrated his birthday on camp, we hoped he liked our singing and birthday cake. On the last day we all participated in the Yabby Race.

More of our other highlights can be heard on our first podcast, you can listen to it from this link

We would like to thank the Camp Weekaway staff for their guidance in a number of the activities and for filling our hungry stomachs with delicious food. We were even taught how to set up, wait and clean up a dining room of over 60 people in our teams.

We cannot forget to thank our teachers, Mrs Pudney, Mr Dimovski, Mrs White, Mr Millard, Mr Ringin, Miss Conway, Miss McLeod and Mrs Gould, for coming along, helping with and organising the camp. We would also like to thank the teachers for performing at our Talent Night, there was lots of laughs and lasting memories made.


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