Emerging Science Victoria

With the support of Miss Conway we have 10 students studying Neuroscience, Physics and Earth Science through the Emerging Science Victoria virtual interactive classroom, providing a unique opportunity for Year 9 and 10 students to study contemporary STEM subjects.

In Frontiers of Physics, students journey through the Universe where they explore the phenomenon of black holes, quasars, dark matter and dark energy. We discuss how stars, the solar system and other objects are formed and link this to the likelihood of life existing on these objects.

Brainstorm: Big Ideas in Neuroscience will tackle what we already know about the brain and how cutting edge technologies are changing this, using a mix of videos, discussion, practical activities, guest speakers, group and individual work.

Students learn about the way Earth Science affects our everyday lives, including exploring concepts connected to meteorology, hydrology, seismology and geology, and their application to real-world data, problems and predictions.

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