Year 11 Work Experience Camp to Melbourne

Thirty-four Year 11 students travelled to Melbourne for work experience and a number of other Year 11 students also completed a local placement. The Melbourne Camp took off on Sunday and gave students the chance to use public transport to find their workplace before heading out the door Monday morning. Students completed placements in a range of areas including landscaping, building, airplane maintenance, auto mechanics, panel beating, media production, vet clinics, real estate and property valuation, hospitality, fitness industry, graphic design, primary schools, a specialist school, child care, golf course and bicycle maintenance and more.

The week went extremely well, with very positive feedback from the workplace and the students. The students were one of the best groups we have taken away and should be congratulated on the responsible way they went about the week. Thanks also to Mr Callaway for running the camp and Mrs Gray, Mrs Bolitho and Mrs Pelligrino for all their efforts on camp. A very rewarding week for everyone involved!

Colin Huddy – Year 11 Work Experience Coordinator

For Melbourne Work Experience I went to St. Joseph’s Primary School in Malvern. At first, I was nervous, going to somewhere that I didn’t know anyone was confronting. The public transport was something that I was scared about at first but after the first time, it was easy to find my way to and from the hotel in South Yarra. When arriving there, the teachers welcomed me with open arms and after only a couple of hours of being there I felt comfortable. I spent my week with the Prep Class and they made my week even more rewarding. While I was at the school, I was able to see the different ways teachers were able to get the kids to learn (even if they didn’t want to). Each teacher teaches differently and I was able to see that in the week. I was able to get many pointers from each teacher I worked with and I was able to create a relationship with both the teachers and students in the school.

We were able to be independent by finding our own lunch and dinner with friends around the city. The teachers trusted us and allowed us to go out and do our own thing having to be back by a certain time.

This camp has been one of the best so far and I really encourage future year 11’s to go.  Sarah Trewick

As most of the Year 11 students loved the work experience camp in Melbourne last week, it is fair to say that it is an experience to remember. Personally as my placement was in the retail dense core of the Melbourne CBD, I was able to gain an insight on what it is like to not only work but also live in the hectic nature of the city, something that I can’t observe in the country.

Working at one of the top offices on Collins Street as a property valuer gave me the best possible experience because it is definitely something that I can’t observe in the country. The week away in Melbourne wasn’t just great for the occupational side of things though. It was also a great experience to be given the freedom to roam the city with friends and get used to the rush and experience something different. A huge thank you to Mr. Huddy, Mr. Callaway, Mrs, Bolitho, Mrs Pellegrino and Hayley who made the experience a great one for all of us.  Fraser Cleary

Last week, I went and stayed in Melbourne for the week to complete work experience at Kosdown Printing in Port Melbourne. Kosdown Printing is a commercial print company. On my arrival, I was shown around the different areas of the workplace and was given an explanation on their machinery and how it works. They gave me many jobs and activities to do, even including working on one of their major projects going for a university. I was also able to design my own business card, posters and multiple t-shirt designs. Overall, I gained a lot of insight on the graphic designing industry and how it works. I had an entertaining time participating in the workplace and learning from the workers around me.  Jheuban Medina Chan

Wallace Green  –  My work experience was fantastic. I worked at Richmond Panels in Swan Street Richmond. The guys I worked with were supportive and helpful and taught me many tricks of the trade. The key to having an enjoyable work experience week is to show interest in the work and that way you will get more out of it.

Steph Crouch  –  I worked at Etihad Stadium in the Delaware Kitchen. The work experience camp was really good. The highlights of my week were the tour of the stadium and decorating and packaging desserts for the “Pink” VIP’s.

Zarah Hayes  –  I worked at Ascot Special School with Yolanda Foley. I worked in room 12 with a mix of middle school primary students. The staff I worked with encourage and supported both of us. My highlight of the week was the activities with the little ones.

Robert Bessell  –  Execu Jet was the best place to work. I got to work on private jets and then have a test flight in one. The work place atmosphere was great and it was a great place to be from the start.  My highlight for the week was going up for a test flight. I would highly recommend the Melbourne Work Experience week for any student.

Stacey Sanders  –  Edithvale Nursing Home is where I went for work experience. I really enjoyed it and it was a great experience. I experienced a lot of new and different things. My highlight of the week was talking to the residents and listening to their stories and being asked to dance by one resident.

Tia Mitchell  –  Bundoora Park was a wonderful work experience placement. I fed the animals. The staff there were very friendly. Feeding the kangaroos was the most enjoyable part of the week and I was almost bitten by a pig.



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