English Master Class for Year 7’s

“Those who tell stories rule the world”. A proverb which reflects that stories can inspire movement and make people care more deeply about things they may never have before. As our Year 7s reflect on their class novel ‘Holes’, we have begun to learn how to analyse a story, looking at ways friends can support you in times of need and encourage you to rise to the challenge.

On Tuesday 31st July, the Year 7s attended two English Master    Classes ran by our two extraordinary and experienced Year 12   English teachers, Mr. Dimovski and Mrs. Borger. Students were   engaged as our two Master Teachers involved them in discussion and activities to help further their understanding and skills of breaking a topic question into mini questions and expanding their thoughts into well-structured paragraphs.

A huge thank you to Ruth Borger and George Dimovski for their collaboration and willingness to share their passion with our Year 7s.


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