Attendance Awards

Every term, our College will award regular school attendance by giving away two movie tickets to the Echuca Paramount Cinema, to one student in every year level who has a 100% attendance rate for that term.

The following students have achieved 100% attendance rate for Term Two:

Year 7: Reed Hocking, Brooklyn Martens, Abby Clarke, Declan Pearce, Holly Taylor

Year 8: Chelsea Jones, Sam Ryan, Hayley Ferrinda

Year 9: Jayvier Horkings, Elle Palmer, Emily Giffin, Tayla Ferrinda,    Sarah Jones

Year 10: Samuel Coughlin

Year 11: Fraser Cleary

Year 12: Morghan Cairns, Darcy Myers, Brock Wright, Kate Else,  Gemma Fitzgerald, Sarah Harris, Jarred Lewis, Callan Macague, Steph MacNab and Harrison McPhee.


The winners of the two movie tickets were:

Holly Taylor, Sam Ryan, Tayla Ferrinda, Samuel Coughlin, Fraser Cleary and Harrison McPhee.

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