‘Teach the Teacher’

Fronting up at the end of a school day to do anything can be a big ask; everyone’s a bit tired, motivation can be low. Now imagine that you are staying after school to run a class – and your students are all the teachers!

That’s what our sensational group of ‘Teach the Teacher’ SRC reps did yesterday afternoon, and it was a big success. Jacob Baker was the session facilitator and was agreeably surprised by the excellent behavior of his class. This could also have had something to do with afternoon tea being served at the start of the session.

‘Nothing seems to be going wrong,’ he was heard to whisper as the five groups of teachers worked their way through an ideas-sharing task on Being Positive, Staying on Topic, Being Organised, Showing Respect and Improving Understanding. These topics were chosen by the students at the workshop held last term, as five important ways we could improve the ‘classroom culture’ here at RSC.

The ideas were collected on google docs, and will be publicised so that staff can make use of all the suggestions made on the day. Feedback so far has been very positive, from both ‘students’ and ‘teachers’. As this is the first time that our College has run ‘Teach the Teacher’, this was a really impressive start.

The team on the day was: Jacob Baker, Olivia Clarke, Madesyn Honey, Jessica Horkings, Bryce Gordon, Sarah Trewick, Amber Apthorpe, Riley Howard, Matt Blow, Mel McNair, Jake Rorke, Steph Moon and Charlee Roulston.

They are to be congratulated on their efforts – well done, team!

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