2017 Swimming sports results

A fantastic day was had by all competitors, braving the cooler temperatures early in the morning before the sun broke through in the afternoon. Campaspe returned to the winners list after last year, Waranga, ended their quest for 6 swimming titles in a row. We had 5 Age Champions go “back-to-back” and some wonderful individual and team performances on the day.

I would like to make special mention to the House Captains for all of their hard work on the day, it is a big job and they certainly worked hard on Monday to ensure the best results for their respective houses. Also to the staff who helped out on the day, especially those who braved the darkness and cold to be there very early to set up everything. These fantastic sporting days would not be possible without the help of everyone involved and I am grateful to those who helped out.

The athletics carnival will be held early next term (Friday week 2) so lets make sure it is another wonderful day!

Mr. Harris.

2017 Overall House Points Score:

CAMPASPE 397 14 411
RESTDOWN 374 10 374
WARANGA 345 16 361
BURNEWANG 270 4 274

2017 Age Champions:

13 years Samuel Ryan (C) Stephanie Moon (C)
14 years Samuel Lees (W) Ella Kerlin (C)
15 years Ben Atley (W) Yazmin Hayes (R)
16 years Mitchell Burgoine (C) Zahra Hayes (W)
17 years Zack Holmberg (W) Rachel Johnson (W)
OPEN Bailey Wileman (R) Tegan Budge (B)

IMG_0004 IMG_0015 IMG_0026 IMG_0048 IMG_0058 IMG_0060 IMG_0064 IMG_0085 IMG_0088 IMG_0091 IMG_0095 IMG_0108 IMG_0127 IMG_0152 IMG_0155 IMG_0158 IMG_0162 IMG_0176 IMG_0213 IMG_0222 IMG_0321 IMG_0374 IMG_0378 IMG_0384 IMG_0395 IMG_0396 IMG_9699 IMG_9700 IMG_9720 IMG_9760 IMG_9762 IMG_9769 IMG_9795 IMG_9816 IMG_9836 IMG_9850 IMG_9852 IMG_9858 IMG_9888 IMG_9892 IMG_9896 IMG_9906 IMG_9909 IMG_9916 IMG_9951 IMG_9952 IMG_9955 IMG_9977 IMG_9979 IMG_9987 IMG_9993 IMG_9995 IMG_9997


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